21 August 2009

Rouge Forum News CALL FOR PAPERS, Issue 15

Rouge Forum News, Issue 15:
Call for papers

The Rouge Forum News is an outlet for working papers, critical analysis, and grassroots news. Issue 15 will be dedicated to our persistence in providing links between runaway capital, the rabid and rapid standardization of curriculum, the general breakdown of community, the co-optation of our unions, the militarization of our youth, and the creep of irrationalism in our schools.

We are interested in work from academics, other professionals who work in social service/change sectors, parents, teachers, and students: teachers at all levels, students in ANY grade, parents of children of any age.

We NEED Art! Songs! Poems! Editorial cartoons! Links to online videos or other material!
We are looking for narratives, as well as research, and the interplay between research and practice which focuses on the economy, curriculum, unions, etc. If you have a story to tell, some research to share, a book to review, we'd love to see it. We would especially be interested in curriculum that you are developing and/or using in your classrooms which uses a class analysis as its primary focus.

We publish material from k-12 students, parents, teachers, academics, and community people struggling for equality and democracy in schools/society --- writing (intended to inform/educate, or stories from your classroom, etc.), art, cartoons, photos, poetry.

You can submit material for the RF News via email to Adam Renner at arenner@bellarmine.edu.

PLEASE SUBMIT BY September 15, 2009.

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And, see all past issues at http://www.rougeforum.org/.

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