10 April 2010

Call for Papers: Policy Futures in Education

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Policy Futures in Education

Michael A. Peters, mpet001@uiuc.edu
Huseyin Esen, esen1@uiuc.edu

Education and Scenarios for a Post-Occidental World

There has been much talk of the ‘post-American world’, the ‘end of
history’, the ‘triumph of the West’, the rise of China or a
multipolar, pluralistic world dominated by continental politics, the
rise of the BRICs and changing global power dynamics. Each one of
these scenarios has serious implications for education, the world’s
education systems, the architecture of educational institutions and
the roles that education as an institution plays locally, nationally,
regionally and globally. This is a speculative special issue designed
to provide a preliminary investigation of these historical scenarios
with a special emphasis on education—its role and trajectory.
Contributors are requested to confine themselves to 5,000 words
(including references) and to provide an argument that embraces one or
more of the following themes limiting themselves to a schematic and
programmatic statement that provides only an outline of their ideas.

1. End of Hegemony: The Rise of Asia, Multipolarity and the
Post-American, Post-European World

2. New Europe: Fortress Europe(?), Rejuvenation and the Question of

3. China Inc: Chimerica, The Beijing Consensus, and the End of Neoliberalism

4. Globalization 2.0: The Cultural Economy, Hybridization, and Multi-modernities

5. After History: Collapse of Soviet Russia, End of History, Triumph
of Liberalism

Please signal your intent and expression of interest by sending the
lead editor (mpet001@illinois.edu) a title and abstract as soon as
possible. Deadline for manuscripts is end of September, 2010. The
special issue will be published in late 2011 or early 2012.